SOS interview with Prof. Seyram Avle

In the frames of Salon Of Open Secrets video interview series, we will speak with Prof. Seyram Avle, Assistant Professor of Global Digital Media at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, who will be contributing to an interactive story on ethical hardware. Her research, which is funded by various institutions including the National Science Foundation (US), primarily focuses on digital technology cultures and innovation across parts of Africa, China, and the United States.

Our project involves feminist hacking experimentation with ethical hardware and electronics that are sourced through transparent supply chains and manufactured with fairness and sustainability in mind.

Workshops will be prepared to introduce younger individuals to issues arising from mass-produced electronics. Participants will act as players within an interactive story and be invited to delve deeper into our research while showcasing their creativity. Those who wish to become part of our project can assume the role of citizen scientists, receive an ethical hardware kit, experiment, tinker, speculate, test ideas, and discuss concepts with experts such as Prof. Seyram Avle.

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